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Probate, Guardianship And Trust Administration Services

Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., is a full-service firm in the areas of probate and estate law. Some firms focus only on administrative services, others focus only on litigation. We do both, and our work in each area strengthens our skills in the other.

As probate litigation lawyers, for instance, we understand the problems that can lead to litigation or other legal interventions. This knowledge informs how we approach our administration services, including probate administration. Our goal is to help you resolve any legal issue you may have as efficiently and conveniently as possible, and to avoid potential legal problems.

Our Probate And Administration Services

The attorneys at Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., can assist you with any of the processes listed below:

  • Probate/estate administration
  • Trust administration
  • Guardianship administration
  • Asset preservation

Why You Need A Probate Lawyer

Choosing a law firm is no simple task. Experience and expertise in specific areas of practice is critical. In addition to technical knowledge and fervent advocacy in court, a lawyer must have the ability to communicate the technical and strategic aspects of a case to the client, and be sensitive to the personal and emotional aspects of litigation. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, clients benefit from the assistance of an attorney with significant experience in this specific area (rather than a general-practice attorney).

When you hire Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., you can rest assured knowing that your case is being handled accurately, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. By entrusting your case to our experienced attorneys, you can:

  • Avoid wasted time, money or other resources
  • Optimize the estate’s tax exposure
  • Reduce or otherwise manage creditor liabilities
  • Be sure that all details have been attended to and all legal options have been explored

Contact Our Firm For A Free In-Person Consultation

Located in Miami, Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., offers a free in-person consultation to all prospective clients in South Florida. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced probate lawyers, contact us via email or call 305-330-1335.