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Navigating through probate and estate administration

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For those new to estate planning or estate administration and probate, it may come as a surprise that most attorneys only do one, not both. There is even a further breakdown as some firms only focus on litigation and others on post-planning estate administrative services. However, the attorneys at Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., offer both. Indeed, we are a full-service law firm that handles all of your Florida probate and estate law issues.


We believe that our work in different areas strengthens our legal skills in all the others of probate and estate law. For example, as probate litigation attorneys, we understand how we got to the courthouse. This means that we can craft plans and administer a Miami, Florida, estate to avoid litigation. In turn, the litigation process informs how we administer estate and probate services.

Administration services

The attorneys at Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., also offer comprehensive administrative services. This includes both probate and estate administration, trust administration (regardless of the type of trust), guardianship administration and asset preservation.

Experience and knowledge

If you are the executor of an estate, you probably already know that you need an attorney’s help. However, choosing the right one is not easy. However, choosing Golden Glasko & Associates, P.A., can be an easy choice because we offer both expertise in probate and estate law, as well as experience. We have the practical knowledge of how probate and estate law is applied, as well as the technical knowledge to fervently litigate issues on your behalf.

Our primary goals are to make sure your wishes are honored. We handle your Miami-Dade County estate accurately and efficiently to avoid wasting resources, money and time. We optimize your estate to avoid taxes, and we can minimize the risk of creditor liabilities.