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Considerations before claiming guardianship of a parent

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Guardianship |

Taking on the role of a guardian for an elderly parent is a big step. While you may be considering this decision out of love and care, you must also be prepared for the many challenges you may encounter from such a commitment. The changes guardianship brings will significantly affect not only your parent’s life but yours as well.

When is guardianship the right choice?

As your parents age, bodily changes and health conditions such as dementia may make it hard for them to make good decisions for themselves. They could start struggling with everyday tasks such as eating, bathing or using the restroom.

Even when you try to help, they are adamant about holding on to whatever autonomy they have left. However, this can put them in dangerous situations, particularly if they refuse to take their medication, undergo treatment or move into a nursing home.

Older adults are also prime targets for scams and financial abuse. If you witness your parent consistently making financial decisions that do not feel right or subjecting themselves to fraud, it may be time for you to intervene.

Although there are many ways you may support your parents, adult guardianship in Florida can allow you to take over and legally make decisions on their behalf.

The demands of adult guardianship

Simply put, guardianship allows you to protect your loved one when they can no longer look after themselves. However, taking on this role carries a heavy responsibility. As a guardian, you gain the authority to make decisions regarding your parent’s money, health and daily life. This could mean deciding where they live, what they eat and the medical treatments they receive.

Guardianship can be tough for a child. Your parent will heavily depend on you, which can take up a lot of your personal time. It can also be emotionally challenging to personally witness your parent’s mental or physical decline.

Despite these obstacles, being a guardian may bring you comfort from knowing that your parent is safe and well cared for. If you’re considering guardianship, it may be a good idea to talk to an experienced lawyer in Florida. They can help explain what the role entails and guide you through the process of becoming a guardian.